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Educators Recognized for Contributing to Economic Growth

Educators Recognized Group  


Educators Recognized for Contributing to Economic Growth


Education advocacy organizations unite to honor teachers making great contributions to our local economy through their role as educators. The 2nd Annual Education Awards recognized teachers from elementary school to collegiate and entrepreneur realms. With the goal of enriching economic growth through education, the Success Through Technology Education Foundation (STTE) partnered with several organizations and industry leaders.

“We want to support efforts that develop, deploy and advance educational programs and initiatives focused on harvesting how youth engage in entrepreneurship, technology and STEAM comprehension,” said Joseph Sapien, STTE Executive Director.  “We are truly making it a commitment to enhancing the regional economy through educational programs, maximizing meaningful partnerships and working alongside educators that support mechanisms for the next 20 years and beyond.”


The event’s winners represent a wide gamut of education specialties.


El Paso Electric Regional Innovator Award

Lauren Curry, New Mexico State University - For her perseverance and collaborative efforts to promote Innovative programs to the Borderlands.

Microsoft Technology Cultivator Award

James Ryan, Frank Macias Elementary, Clint ISD - For his support educating the next generation of high-tech professionals from the Borderland in technology.

Prudential Math Architect Award

Sergio Estrada, Riverside High School, YISD -

For his outstanding work supporting youths in their pursuit of mathematics and physics solving the world's challenges through equations.

CREEED Education Leadership Award

Margie Nelson Rodriguez, El Paso Community College -

For her outstanding dedication and commitment to Education Leadership in the Borderlands.

Glassell Family Foundation Inspirational Pathway Award

Hector Lugo Nevarez, University of Texas at El Paso - For his commitment to inspiring youths to pursue a pathway for long-term success.

STTE Foundation Entrepreneurship Producer Award

Michael Nelson, Fab Labs El Paso -

Outstanding School Achievement Award

For his commitment and dedication to create the next wave of the Borderland's creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs.

El Paso Community College, Philosophy Club Manuela Gomez, Professor

For demonstrating Philosophy as a means for students who care about their community to gather and solve real-world problems.

STEAM Creator Award

Alejandra Galindo, Clint ISD

For her amazing vision, persistence, and execution implementing STEAM programs that inspire youths from the Borderlands.

Educators Recognized Head Shots

The 2nd Annual Education Awards were hosted by the STTE Foundation and CREED, Council of Region Economic Expansion and Educational Development, with sponsorship from:

ESC19, Education Service Center Region 19

Glassel Foundation


El Paso Electric


El Paso Community College

Workforce Solutions


West Star Bank

New Mexico Stat University

University of Texas at El Paso

Texas Gas Service

Medical Center of the Americas Foundation


To nominate an educator for an award or for partnerships for financial support of education programs contact the STTE Foundation or any of the sponsors’ websites.


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