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Middle School Teachers Get Their Own Conference

Middle School Teachers Get Their Own Conference

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Just like in the movie Goonies or the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, middle school students are highly curious, rebellious and distracted by physical & emotional changes. Trying to educate kids going through this special phase can be quite a tremendous endeavor.

“We started this conference because we saw that middle school teachers needed customized training,” said Linda Caudillo, ESC19 Professional Development Consultant. “Middle school kids are a very special population of students,” said Caudillo. “They’re not quite little kids and not quite adults. Being able to connect with them is essential in helping them reach their academic goals.”


Education Service Center Region 19 hosted it’s 2nd annual Bridges to Success Conference for middle school teachers on Nov. 14th.


“I, as a second-year teacher, learned so much at this conference. There isn’t a manual or a lesson I had taken that prepared me for what I encountered in the classroom my first day,” said Gabriana Nichols, 7th grade science teacher from Pecos-Barstow-Toya ISD. “We definitely need our own conference so that we can focus on the needs of kids at these particular ages. I learned from all of the other teachers who attended in addition to the session specialists.”


Middle School educators got inspired, connected and acquired classroom resources & materials at this middle school conference, tailored for grades 5-8th. A highlight of the conference was the passionate message delivered by Superintendent of the Year Dr. Juan I. Martinez from Clint ISD.


“Students come first! Our main focus as educators is not teaching to take a test. It is to prepare ALL students for life,” said Martinez to a conference room filled with over 200 middle school teachers from all of the regional districts. “Teachers have the power with one word, one act, one lesson- impact a child’s future for the better or worse.”


Due to the positive response from teachers and school administrators, Education Service Center Region 19 plans to not only offer the conference next year but also expand on the number of sessions offered. “There were so many great sessions! It was hard to pick one over the other,” said William Plunk, Instructional Coach at Parkland Middle School. “I will definitely be attending next year.”


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