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Together for Autism 2019

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Recap Video:

(El Paso, TX) – DECEMBER 6, 2019 - The Autism Spectrum is a wide spectrum that comes with vast information which is still being explored today. ESC 19 Region 19 hosted its 16th Annual Together for Autism Conference to bring together Educators, Administrators, and Parents to attend sessions with National and Local experts on the Autism Spectrum.

“The more that we could have like this, the more awareness will be out there and, hopefully, will lead to breaking down barriers for our loved ones.” Kerry Magro, National Speaker, Author, and Keynote Speaker says about the conference. This conference took place at the ESC Region 19 Multi-Purpose Center over two days in early December 2019. There were over 600 attendees that were able to participate in 4 Keynote Presentations and 18 Breakout Sessions with, both, National and Local presenters.  “It connects parents to a larger community from the parent perspective. Same with teachers!” Says Dr. James Williams a National Speaker and Keynote Speaker for this event. “I think a lot of teachers are dealing with challenges with students on the spectrum, they want to help them, they want to support them, but they don’t know [how] and so this conference brings together networking.”

We want to thank all the Parents, Educators, and Conference Speakers for making the 16th Annual Together for Autism Conference possible. Please be sure to click on Link above to see the recap video on the ESC Region 19 YouTube Channel! And click on the link below to gain information on the conference and how you can join us in next year’s conference!