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Board Appreciation Month at ESC Region 19!

Board of Directors. Studio

(Pictured L-R: David Sublasky, Blanca Topete, Kathy Becker, Melodya Salaices, José M. Limón,
Dr. Armando Aguirre, John C. Elder, Patricia Ramirez, Fred Sanchez)


Rotary Board Dr. Aguilar, Ms. Rodriguez,  Board, Picture Frame

Picture 1: (Rotary Christmas Event, Board Member Fred Sanchez, Dr. Armando Aguirre)
Picture 2: (Convocation Celebration, Over 1,000 ESC Employees at Head Start Multi-Purpose Center)
Picture 3: (Teacher of the Year, Partners with TFCU)


(El Paso, TX) – JANUARY 2020 - January is the month when school systems nationwide celebrate the work our School Boards do to ensure quality in our schools. Education Service Center Region 19 is very fortunate and appreciative of our highly dedicated Board of Directors.


Some of the duties that locally elected board members are tasked with include ensuring that schools are available, qualified teachers are in place, buildings are safe, and resources are provided. In order to fill these needs in the community, board members consistently seek and create data that will help guide them to assist their educators and students. They also learn new and applicable laws, assure that needs are being met according to the respective demographics and areas, set thoughtful goals, and carefully manage their district’s financial resources. Our board members here at ESC Region 19 actively attend our various conferences, events, and meetings in order to better connect and unite with all our staff. 2019 was a successful year for our ESC 19 Board Members as they continued providing Education and Community led resources for our region.    


We continue to express our gratitude to our ESC Region 19 Board of Directors:


David Sublasky
Board Chair

Patricia Ramirez
Board Vice Chair

José M. Limón
Board Secretary

Kathy Becker
Board Member

John C. Elder
Board Member

Melodya Salaices
Board Member

Fred Sanchez
Board Member

Blanca Topete
Board Member


Thank you for all that you all do! And we also encourage you to thank your school board members as you see them this month and this school year.


For more information on ESC 19 Regular Board Meetings please visit our website in the link below.