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February is Career and Technical Education Month!

CTE Month


(El Paso, TX) – February 2020 - Research shows that there will be a 55% increase in demand for workers with all types of technical skills in the next decade. Career and technical education (CTE) is geared to help fill that demand. February is the month that nationally celebrates all the amazing efforts and accomplishments that CTE does for education and the workforce in the country.


When emerged in an age that emphasizes importance on digital mediums, it is vital to encourage trades that help push the limits in the workforce. There is a shift happening in the workforce going from knowledge-based individuals to knowledge and skills-based individuals moving forward.  Notable fields that are under the CTE umbrella include, but are not limited to, Construction, Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Computer Information, Medical and Health. Taking the construction field as an example, growth is has  raised anywhere from 11.7-24.8% in the last 10 years with an entry hourly wage of up to $24.30.


Career and Technical Education has proven to be a foundation for Career Exploration in students. Schools across the country now offer courses that include Criminal Justice and Defense, Health Professions, Auto Mechanic Engineering, Computer Information Systems, and many more! More and more professionals are becoming CTE Techers in order to use their years of experience and knowledge in their trade to teach students who are interested in exploring that particular career. Many of these courses now provide accredited certification in the respective field in order to better prepare students upon high school graduation.  


These are just some of the amazing opportunities that Career and Technical Education provides for students and professionals interested in teaching. ESC Region 19 provides training and certification for individuals interested in becoming CTE Teachers! For more information on CTE Certification and the different courses and opportunities offered for students, click on the link below!