San Elizario ISD Implements New Security Door System

Posted by Angela Saavedra on 11/5/2018

San Elizario ISD Secured Door


By Hector Gonzalez


SAN ELIZARIO, TX – The San Elizario Independent School District (SEISD) has implemented a new camera system at the main entrances of Lorenzo G. Loya Primary and Josefa L. Sambrano Elementary. These new security measures are part of the district's continued efforts to keep students safe and secure at all times.


The system is called “Secure Door Access” and it will require all visitors to buzz-in at the school’s main entrance and identify themselves before having access to the interior of the school.


“The purpose of this system is to provide our campuses with an extra layer to our already secured perimeter by incorporating technology,” said Horacio Hernandez, Technology Director at SEISD. 


Once visitors buzz-in and the school’s office staff sees who is at the door through a TV monitor, they will then unlock the door remotely from the office. However, all visitors will need to be carrying their ID at the time of their visit. 

"Safeguarding the well-being of all students and staff is paramount at our school," said George Augustain, Principal at Lorenzo G. Loya Primary. "Our parents have expressed they are appreciative of the extra precautions our school has taken to ensure the safety of their children. The increase in security has provided peace of mind to parents knowing their child’s safety is being monitored at all times."


The "Secure Door Access" system will help restrict access to the school, ensuring that unauthorized visitors do not enter the building. Should a security threat arise, we can immediately employ other safety precautions and deny access to the unauthorized person(s). 


For now, Loya Primary and Sambrano Elementary are the only schools in the district with this system.