Disabilities/Mental Health Resource Teacher, Head Start 2021-2022 Pool



The Disabilities/Mental Health Resource Teacher must possess knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices and growth in regards to children with disabilities as well as those without disabilities.  Must be able to provide individual instruction, develop lesson plans, modify classroom set-up and curriculum based on the IEP for children with special needs.  This person must also demonstrate the ability to assess the needs of children, families and staff in the area  of mental health to develop and implement proper intervention strategies.  This person, under the guidance of the Program Manager, will model effective teaching strategies and assist Head Start teachers in appropriate curriculum modifications as well as implement mental health provider’s recommendations.  Must be able to effectively communicate and work positively with children, Head Start parents, staff and school district personnel.  This person must maintain accurate documentation and have knowledge of community resources in the area to assist students and families. 




The qualifying skills for this position are as follows:  perform specific activities, under the guidance of the Disabilities Program Manager, for children with disabilities; Associate’s degree in Child Development and/or Associate of Arts degree in Child Development; five (5) years experience teaching Head Start children including those with special needs; experience in developing and implementing children’s Individual Instructional Plans (IIPs) and children’s Individual Educational Plans (IEPs); experience in planning and conducting staff development workshops (preferred); bilingual (English/Spanish) in verbal and written communication; or any equivalent combination of acceptable training and experience as determined by the Executive Director.




Location   Multi Purpose Center 11670 Chito Samaniego, El Paso Texas 79936

Level      HS Educational Support/8

Employment Days     215

Contact    Terry Leyva, 915-790-4724



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