Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist



This position requires an Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) certification. This certification is available to a candidate who has acquired at least a Bachelor’s degree and completes a series of courses required for certification in Orientation and Mobility and passes an exam given by ACVREP. The candidate will be granted an Initial Professional Certification for 5 years from the day of issuance by ACVREP. Thereafter, Professional Certification is granted on a renewable basis, every 5 years. Certification is earned by meeting the requirements set by ACVREP as verified by the O&M’s immediate supervisor. At a minimum, the certified O&M specialist must have acquired the knowledge of the unique needs of O&M and be proficient in teaching O&M skills to children in regular and special education at all levels ages 0-22. This position requires effective verbal and written communication skills. Appropriate means of explaining situations in detail and giving directions in a precise and clear manner could affect the safety of students. Requires a valid Texas driver’s license and good driving record.




Improves student performance in that part of the educational process that prepares visually impaired students (0-22) to travel independently, through instruction in orientation and mobility skills according to each student’s assessed needs and (cognitive and/or multiple disabilities). Serves ISD’s that do not currently employ a certified Academy for Certification of Vision & Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) Orientation & Mobility Specialist; and will assist ISD’s who request additional O&M service for its students.

This position teaches orientation and mobility skills to students of multi levels (0-22) with any number of abilities and\or multiple disabilities and assures that these persons are moving as safely, as well as independently, as they are able to do, in familiar and unfamiliar areas. Immense cooperation and collaboration must be maintained with parents, teachers, administrators, other professions, students’ peers and with the students themselves.


Location:  6611 Boeing Dr, El Paso, TX 79925

Level:  Prof/2

Employment Days:  220

Contact:  Linda Epstein 915 780-5017

email:  lepstein@esc19.net


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