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Posted by Carlos De La Torre on 8/9/2021

Region 19 offers a wide variety of professional development and technical assistance services in the following areas:

  • Curriculum/Instruction
  • Accountability
  • Student Services
  • Technology
  • Business/Student Information Systems
  • Child Nutrition

In addition, Region 19 annually applies for the following federal and state grants/contracts from the Texas Education Agency:

  • IDEA-B Basic Technical Assistance and Support Services Consolidated
  • IDEA-B Nontraditional Deaf Education Certification
  • IDEA-B Preschool
  • IDEA-B Sensory Impairments
  • IDEA-B Special Education ESC Liaison
  • Statewide Services for Students with Visual Impairments (SSVI)
  • Non-Educational Community Based Support Services
  • Lesson Study
  • State Base
  • Gifted/Talented State
  • Math Academies
  • ESSA Basic/Technical Assistance
  • Title III English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Title I, Part C Migrant
  • Career and Technology (CTE)
  • Comprehensive
  • Texas Instructional Leadership
  • CTE Shared Services Arrangement
  • Migrant Shared Services Arrangement
  • Title III ELA Shared Services Arrangement
  • School Improvement Facilitation
  • Capacity Building
  • Title II, Part A
  • Title IV, Part A
  • Cohort Management
  • Texas EcosySTEM
  • Equity Plan
  • ESSER Technical Assistance
  • IM Portal
  • Texas Home Learning ESC Plan


If you have comments on any of these services or grants, please use the link below.


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